Interest to mine Grassy Mountain continues. Visit CPAWS to send a letter. 

Interest to mine Grassy Mountain continues. Visit CPAWS to send a letter. 

Alberta Beyond Coal

Exploration to mine Grassy Mountain continues

Help us deny Northback Holdings a deep drilling permit at Grassy Mountain.

Coal mining continues in Alberta

Exploration may continue

The application to mine Grassy Mountain was denied in 2o21. Now, the same company (under a new name) is looking to conduct exploratory drilling and requests a water diversion.

Water is under threat

Open-pit mining will contaminate the water for people and wildlife, suck vital water from farmers and ranchers, and destroy mountain landscapes for recreation, fishing and hunting.

Join the tens of thousands of people and communities fighting to protect the Rockies and rivers.

Send a Letter

Tell your elected representatives to stop undermining Alberta by halting coal projects, present and future, and demand the protection of Rockies and rivers for generations to come.

Get a Lawn Sign

Join the #CancelCoalChallenge

Take a photograph with the Alberta Beyond Coal logo on your next hike – in a special, beautiful or unusual place. Then post it to social media and tell us why you love Alberta’s Rocky Mountains!

What is Alberta Beyond Coal

Alberta Beyond Coal is led by nonprofit organizations Alberta Environmental Network and the Council of Canadians Prairies & NWT Region.

Powered by volunteers and donations, it is working with concerned groups and people to put an end to open-pit coal mining in the Rockies, the water source for millions of people across the prairies.


Alberta Beyond Coal is organizing mail drop, lawn signs and call centre to raise awareness and action in Alberta.

You are invited to volunteer in a role that suits you. 

Share What You’re Doing

Alberta Beyond Coal will post information about all the local groups, actions and activities that is happening in the province.

Let us know if any groups, actions and events should be added.