Join a Virtual Coal Townhall on Dec. 2 hosted by CPAWS Northern Alberta & Southern Alberta

Join a Virtual Coal Townhall on Dec. 2 hosted by CPAWS Northern Alberta & Southern Alberta


Will you be an Alberta Beyond Coal donor?

We cannot continue this campaign without your support to cover the cost of materials and delivering them to Albertans. AEN and CoC are nonprofit organizations, and this campaign relies 100% on donations from people like you who care about the Rockies and headwaters.

Your donation will be accepted by the Alberta Environmental Network and will go towards helping the people and communities that are building a future that will protect our Rockies and rivers.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

How much does a lawn sign cost?

The cost of providing you with a lawn sign is approximately $10. If you are able, please consider making a larger donation to cover the cost of additional lawn signs and mail drop materials so that we can expand the campaign to more Alberta communities.

Can I send a cheque?

Donations by cheque can be mailed to the Alberta Environmental Network:

Alberta Environmental Network
PO Box 4541
Edmonton AB T6E 5G4

Do you provide tax receipts?

The Alberta Environmental Network and the Council of Canadian are both non-partisan and non-profit organizations, but they are not registered charities.

At this time, we are unable to provide tax receipts for your donation.

I have a question about my donation,

Send your questions anytime to